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MEMS have small size, light weight, low power, high sensitivity, low price, easy mass production and so on, MEMS include a variety of sensors and various package type, very widely use of these sensors, Along with the development of technology, MEMS is become very closed to human life.

1.jpgMEMES Product Categories:

01 Sound:Silicon microphone
02 Pressure:Altimeter,Barometer,3D touch
03 Inertial:Accelerometer,Gyrometer,6lMU
04 Optical:ALS,Photoelectric sensor,Vcsel,Heart rate sensor,TOF
05 RFMEMS:Filter (SAW&BAW)
06 Magnetic:AMR,TMR
07 Biology:Biology sensor
08 Finger print:Optical,Capacitive
09 Thermal:Temperature and humidity sensor, Temperature sensor

Technical Competence

TSV, RDL, WLCSP, Wafer tevwel bonding, Strip level bonding FC+WB stack die, Coating protection Metal lid attach,
Glass attach Compression molding Customize molding Clear molding, Open molding Can supply ceramic, lead frame,
substrate solutions, various assembly proposal fulfill customer requirements.


Application Area

Smart phone,PAD,wearable,medical,industry, automotive widely


Representative Products

  • Cap Mount Product
    Cap Mount Product

    Package Size: 4030,3526,3729,3722,2718
    Port Location: Top / Bottom
    Cap Type: Metal / Plastic / Substrate

    Silicon Microphone, Pressure Sensor 

  • Customized Mold  Product
    Customized Mold Product

    Package Type: QFN / LGA
    Mold Type: Full Open Mold / Partial Open Mold

    THTB, Optical Sensor, Heart rate sensor etc.

  • Over Molding Product
    Over Molding Product

    Package Type:QFN / LGA
    Die Attach Orientation: Horizontal(0° or 180°) / Vertical (90°)

    G-sensor, AMR/TMR , Multi-axis Inertial
    sensor,RF Filter

  • Finger Print Sensor
    Finger Print Sensor

    Package Type: QFN / LGA
    Mold clearance : Min. 50 um(Over Molding)
    Wire loop:Max 30um
    Package thickness:Min 0.5mm
    Package Outline: Rectangle /  Circle

    Mobile Phone, Credit Card , Door Lock,
    Suitcase, ID Card etc.